Standalone Course Content


Medium to High Level Low to Medium Level
Adding Value to the Business through Better Contracting
(3 Days)
Creating Business Benefits through Realistic Negotiation Processes (2 days)
Planning; financial aspects; the process; relationships and behaviour
Creating Business Benefits using a Practical Category Management Methodology (2 days)
Essential elements of category management using a practical implementation process
Developing Strategic Sourcing as a Value Creation Process (2 days)
Essential elements of strategic sourcing using a practical implementation process
Practical ways of introducing SRM and CRM (1 day)
Key elements and aspects of receiving, storing and retrieving information for use in active relationship management
Developing a Practical Procurement Function to Increase Capability and Capacity
(3 days)
Practical Approaches to Linking Strategic Goals to Day-to-day Operations (1 day)
Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the supply chain; stakeholder management
Developing Realistic Plans to Implement Continuous Improvement (2 days)
Managing change; objective setting; project planning and management; benefits tracking
Analysing Performance to Optimise Supply Chains (2 days)
Internal measures; external measures; monitoring systems and processes
Using IT to Manage Processes and Develop Understanding in Procurement (1 day)
Simple to complex use of technology to drive knowledge based decisions in procurement functions and across the supply chain
Maximising HR Effectiveness through Leadership and Management (2 days)
Challenges; organization and structure; culture; decision making; teamwork
Redefining Procurement as a Key Strategic Business Function
(3 days)
Understanding Business Risks and Impact of Professional Procurement Operations on Risk Reduction (2 days)
Use of management tools; budgeting and cost control; financial decision making; aspects of procurement law; vulnerability in systems and the supply chain
Integrating Marketing, Finance and Operations with Procurement to Increase Organizational Worth (1-2 days)
Strategy in reality; actions to achieve effective alignment; achieving competitive advantage
Collaboration and Partnering Considerations in International and Public/Private Sector Settings (1 day)
Assessing and selecting suppliers; managing outsourced and collaborative arrangements
Investing in CSR and Sustainability to Create Value (1 day)
Developing, implementing and maintaining sustainable procurement; benefits from greater social responsibility

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