Making it Work for You


The key to implementing change and continuous improvement is the effective exchange of information between people and process, a combination of business and human dimensions towards a shared objective. Any improvement methodology involves introducing change and measuring its impact. We assist you in overcoming some of the barriers that are confronted during the change process. It is not enough to provide the tools and strategies. There is a need to be aware of what to expect when introducing change, how to engage staff and to make change sustainable. Knowledge or awareness of the change process itself will assist in ensuring success of a project.

Successful implementation of system change is essential in the provision of processes that serve the stakeholders. We guide you in planning a change by:

  • Identifying the changes required and determining the major issues
  • Developing a plan for the project implementation that is flexible if the outcomes at different stages show this to be necessary
  • Determining the degree of risk and cost of change
  • Helping to create Executive (or senior) support which is essential for the success of a project
  • Working with you to set objectives while remembering that improvement is an ongoing process
  • Gaining commitment of people to ensure the success of a project.

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