CIPS Award Training Modules


A Practical Approach to Business Improvement Using CIPS Development Programmes

With the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), we have developed a range of training material to enable individuals to achieve membership of CIPS through the either examination or Corporate Award routes. You will have the satisfaction of having personnel developed to the high standards expected by CIPS, the largest procurement community in the world.

However, it is recognised that businesses and government bodies expect any investment in people development to result in practical benefits as well as the inherent kudos. We fulfil this need by working with the you to couple the CIPS training material with practical business-focused elements to transform your investment into real added value and tangible returns.

As well as helping candidates achieve full membership (MCIPS) status, this integrated approach can be used to build the capability of other personnel. In a simple developmental programme, our involvement with you can lead to greater customization of the standard award material to ensure you can continue to maximize benefits in terms of return on investment. Standalone modules are available where a CIPS award is not a prime requirement.

We provide a realistic 24/7 support environment to assist students in using classroom learning to develop ideas and to complete assessment processes. We also ensure the learning is integrated to your Organization so that it becomes embedded in the activities of the business to meet the Organizational objectives.

Course Levels

We design our courses to cater for the development of personnel at a low to medium level and medium to high level. In this way we can ensure that the principles at a strategic level are outlined in an appropriate level of detail for senior managers to create the practical environment and change objectives for improvement actions to be considered and developed. Additionally, the main elements of the higher level courses are broken down to enable those responsible for day-to-day operations and activities to fully and clearly understand the principles and importance of what they learn and how they will contribute to the overall success of the business.

CIPS Training Content

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