CIPS Course Content


Module Areas Covered
Foundation Module (2 Days) Core Concepts in Purchasing; Elementary Considerations of Business Strategy and Functions; People and IT-based Processes; The Idea of Supply Chains; Adding Value and Improving Effectiveness
Developing Contracts and Supplier Relationships (3 days) Development of Commercial Agreements; The Formation of Contracts and Contractual Terms; Awarding Contracts and Legal Implications; Relationships in Supply Chain Management in Context; Assessing and Selecting Suppliers; Outsourcing and Managing Relationships
Effective Negotiation (2 days) Planning and Preparations; Financial Tools for Negotiations; The Negotiation Process; Understanding Effective Behavior in Negotiations
Management, Leadership and Influence (2 Days) Challenges for Management; Organisational Structures and Culture; Management Decision Making; Teams and Groups; Coping with Change; Leading and Managing in Purchasing and Across the Supply Chain; Developing a Culture of Productivity and Leading Change
Measuring and Improving Performance (3 days) Measuring Performance in the Purchasing and Supply Function; Measuring the Performance of the Supplier; Measuring the Performance of the Buyer; Developing and Improving Supplier Performance; Maximizing Competitiveness; Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Supply Chain
Operations Management (2 days) Business Dependencies; Business Drivers In Private and Public Sectors; Design of Services; Impact on Society; Planning, Controlling and Managing Resources; Opportunities for Improving Operations Management
Strategic Supply Chain Management (3 days) Concept and Development of Corporate Strategy; Effective Strategy Deployment and Implementation; Contribution of the Supply Chain to Strategic Objectives; Building Competitive Advantage; Models of Supply Chain Structures and Relationships; Supply Chains in Reality
Marketing and Sustainability (2 Days) Understanding Customers and Their Needs; The Marketing Mix; Market Information and Research; Relationships in a Marketing Context; Defining and Developing Sustainable Procurement; Implementing Sustainable Procurement Policy; Managing a Sustainable Procurement Approach; Future Challenges in a Changing World
Finance in Purchasing (2 Days) Financial Tools; Financial and Non-Financial Factors Decision Making; Sources of Investment and Financing; Budget and Cost Management Control; Capital Purchasing Plans; Financial Risk in Procurement
Risk and SCM in Practice (3 Days) Understanding Risk in Purchasing and Supply; Risk Management Processes; Managing Vulnerability; Contract Law; Developing an Effective Control Environment; Protecting Intellectual Property and Information

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